Lifeline product updates: improved panel designs and new pricing







March 2, 2023

We're changing how Lifeline’s panels look and work with improved session panel designs.

Welcome to our first Lifeline product update. I'll keep these posts infrequent and short, so you can quickly get up to speed on what we're working on.

Coming soon: UX update with improved panel designs

You haven't seen new releases recently because we're changing how Lifeline’s panels look and work. 👇️

For example, right now, two pop-ups appear when a session ends: one to let you know you've reached your target time and another to add a session label. With the new design, you'll only see one panel that handles both, which should reduce confusion and improve your experience.

For this upcoming release, we only update the elements that form Lifeline's core experience, so everything that happens right before, during, and after your session. Other interface elements, like the welcome screen and Preferences, will keep their old looks until a future release.

New lower prices for Lifeline

In case you missed it, we permanently lowered Lifeline’s pricing a few weeks ago. From now on, existing and new subscribers can turn Pro at these updated prices:

Lifetime: $99.99 (one-time payment)
Annual: $2.92 p/m ($34.99 paid annually)
Monthly: $4.95

If you're a subscriber, we'll charge you the new price on your next billing cycle. Please get in touch if you're on an annual plan and want a pro-rated refund based on the new price.

That’s it for this update. 🙏

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