Stay focused and on task.
Every. Single. Session.

Lifeline is a timer app for macOS loosely based on the Pomodoro Technique. 🍅
Find focus with flexible session lengths, perfectly timed breaks, and a real-time progress bar.

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Session progress, see and sense it.

The bar at the top of your screen—your Lifeline—gives real-time feedback on your progress. Here's a fan: "The concept of seeing the time as a line during the day is mind-blowing. So simple, yet so useful."

Lifeline's visual progress bar

Breaks on your schedule, not your timer's.

Other apps force you to stop when time’s up. Not Lifeline. Flexible session lengths keep you going when you’re flowing. When you do pause, Lifeline recommends the ideal break time.

Lifeline's break countdown.

Pull down for work rhythm

Grab your Lifeline, pull it down, and behold your activity history. Spot trends, plot improvements, and master your work rhythm.

The visual history you can pull down from the top of your screen.

4.9 out of 5 stars (27 ratings)

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"It's a great tool. I like how it just works even with me being passive about it. Seeing progress just from doing what I do encourages me to try a bit harder."


Timeblockers ❤️ our Calendar integration.

Plan tasks on your calendar ⇢ launch them as sessions in Lifeline. Want to compare planned versus actual? Lifeline syncs session data back to your calendar too.

🏅 Pro feature

Lifeline's calendar integration

Let me hear it for time-tracking... 🤮

🏅 Pro feature

Blend time-tracking into your workflow instead of doing it at the end of the month. Or never. Track tasks, projects, and areas with session labels and emojis. You might, possibly, enjoy it.

Time-tracking options in Lifeline.

#2manymeetings? Find out, automatically

We can't make meetings fun (yet), but at least timing them is easy now. Lifeline starts and stops virtual meetings automatically. It shows how much time's left and when you're going over time.

🏅 Pro feature

Meeting configuration in Lifeline

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