Meet Saent.

A magic button
that blocks distractions.

Get focused

Push the button to launch a focus session, stay on task, and get down to work.

Block distractions

Instantly block digital distractions, and let colleagues know when you’re busy.

Find balance

Saent reminds you to take breaks so you can recharge and avoid burnout.

Mindful productivity

Be more productive, healthier, and happier with better work habits.

Are you ready for complete focus?

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Here’s what people are saying

"Having written a book on what makes technology habit-forming, I believe technology is becoming harder to resist. Saent is a step forward -- helping us regain control so we can be more productive."

— Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

"Saent is one of the most promising productivity devices I’ve seen come along in a long time."

— Mike Vardy, founder of Productivityist

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