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Discover focus and balance with Lifeline, a macOS timer app inspired by the Pomodoro Technique. πŸ…
Enjoy flexible session lengths, perfectly timed breaks, and a visual session progress bar for a seamless workflow.

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Visualize your progress and work rhythm 🌈

Lifeline's progress bar at the top of your screen shows your session progress and daily work rhythm. One user says, "Seeing time as a line during the day is mind-blowing. So simple, yet so useful."

Lifeline's progress bar and session launch window.

Take breaks on your terms 🌴

Boost productivity with short breaks throughout the day. Lifeline gently nudges you to take breaks when it's convenient for you, not at set intervals. When you pause, Lifeline suggests the ideal break duration.

Lifeline's intelligent break timer.

Master your work rhythmπŸ₯

Pull down your Lifeline to view your activity history. Spot trends, make improvements, and optimize your work rhythm.

Lifeline's history pull-down view.

4.8 out of 5 stars (68 ratings)


"Really enjoy the timer and its advanced functionalities - it has given me the extra push to really focus on my most important tasks without getting distracted."


"I've tried other Pomodoro timers, but have settled on this one. It's easy to get the hang of, subtle enough to stay out of the way of the work, and structured enough so I can stay focused."


"This app is the perfect tool for my workflow! The subtle progress bar on the screen keeps me ontrack during sessions, and asking if you want to pause when you seem inactive is so helpful."

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Timeblockers ❀️ our Calendar integration.

Plan tasks and meetings in your calendar, then launch them in Lifeline. Compare planned versus actual by syncing session data back to your calendar.

πŸ… Pro feature

Lifeline's meeting tracking options.

Make time-tracking effortless ⏱️

Integrate time-tracking into your workflow with session labels and emojis. Track tasks, projects, and areas seamlessly, and (almost) enjoy the process.

πŸ… Pro feature

Lifeline's activity log panel.

Transform your workday with Lifeline πŸ…

Experience deep work and restorative breaks in your daily routine.
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