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February 7, 2023

From now on, existing and new subscribers will pay less and get Lifeline Pro at the new prices listed in this article.

From now on (February 7, 2023), existing and new subscribers will pay less and get Lifeline Pro at the updated prices listed below:

  • Lifetime: $99.99 (one-time payment)
  • Annual: $2.92 p/m ($34.99 paid annually)
  • Monthly: $4.95

Lifeline is becoming popular in new markets and with different audience segments, like students. The app’s free version offers plenty of features, but we want to make the powerful Pro package accessible to more people.

Free vs Pro feature overview

Pro features

These are Lifeline’s most important Pro features:

🏷️ Session labels. Add text labels and emojis to your sessions. This feature lets you easily track your time on tasks, projects, and life areas.

Custom sessions. Want to do a 50, 90, or 10-minute session instead of a 25-minute one? Now you can! Just choose a custom session length from the taskbar dropdown menu, or adjust the duration from the label window at the start of a session.

🤝 Meeting tracking. Time your meetings and separate their data from other sessions. You get the same progress bar at the top of your screen as during a regular Lifeline session.

🔎 Daily and weekly review panel. Everything comes together here. Select Review activities and stats from the taskbar dropdown menu to see different overviews of all your data under the Review tab. You can access a log of all your sessions and meetings in the Activity log, where you can also adjust, delete, and add sessions.

📅 Calendar integration. Connect Lifeline to your calendar app. You can plan sessions there, have meetings synced into your Lifeline, and export actual Lifeline session data back to your calendar.

Lifeline’s ratings and testimonials in the macOS App Store

User testimonials

"This app is the perfect tool for my workflow! The subtle progress bar on the screen keeps me ontrack during sessions, and asking if you want to pause when you seem inactive is so helpful."

"I've tried other Pomodoro timers, but have settled on this one. It's easy to get the hang of, subtle enough to stay out of the way of the work, and structured enough so I can stay focused."

"Really enjoy the timer and its advanced functionalities - it has given me the extra push to really focus on my most important tasks without getting distracted."

"By far this is the best pomodo out there, and its calendar integration is really wonderful."

"I love your tool for keeping track of time. The concept of seeing the time as a line during the day is mind-blowing. So simple, yet so useful."

Lifeline pricing FAQs

The most common questions about Lifeline’s new pricing. 👇️

Why does the macOS App Store price not match the USD price you listed?

We have two main reference prices for Lifeline: in US Dollars and in Euros for the EU. For example, the monthly subscription price is $4.95 in the US and €4.95 in the EU.

Prices in all other markets derive from one of these two prices, depending on the location setting of your App Store. For this reason, the price in your local currency may differ slightly from the price listed in US dollars at the top of the article.

I’m already a subscriber. What happens to my subscription fee?

We'll charge you the new price on your next billing cycle. Please get in touch if you’re on an annual plan and want a pro-rated refund based on the new price (calculated from today until the end of your billing cycle).

I bought the lifetime tier at the old, higher pricing. 😿 What can you do for me?

We don’t want to punish you with a higher price for being an early supporter! Please get in touch, and we’ll happily refund the difference between the old and the new price.

How can I upgrade to Lifeline Pro?

Choose Upgrade from the taskbar dropdown menu in the free version, then select Buy. You have the option to take a 14-day free trial.

How does the 14-day free trial option work?

If you're on the free plan, you can start a 14-day free trial simply by going to Preferences > Upgrade and choosing the "Start 14-day free trial" button. After 14 days, Apple will charge the credit card it has on file for you.

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