2021 wrap-up: Find Your Focus challenge, Saent Community, and Lifeline UX overhaul







December 22, 2021

A wrap-up of 2021 by Saent cofounder Tim Metz, featuring the Find Your Focus Challenge, the Saent community we've (soft-)launched, and upcoming user research for Lifeline's UX.

As we're all wrapping up 2021, I wanted to share some updates on Saent and Lifeline.

🎯 Find your focus: free eBook and challenge

As some of you might remember, we launched Find Your Focus as a course many years ago, just before Saent went into hibernation—and so did the course.

I was surprised by how relevant all the materials still are today when I recently revisited the eBook and videos.

If you're looking for something to read during the holidays, a new year's resolution, or both, head over to this page on the Saent blog for more info and immediate, free access to the Find Your Focus eBook.

👥 Saent community: inspiration, workflow experiments, and Lifeline support

I've always viewed our work at Saent as an expression of a unique view on how to work and live. (Which is still pretty well captured in this Saent article from 2016, though I'll publish an update soon.)

Our products are just one manifestation of that view, our content another, and community was the missing element. Until now, we never got much further than a few half-hearted attempts through Facebook groups and Slack—both tools that actually undermine the very objectives of focus and balance we aim for, which is why I always felt uncomfortable about seriously deploying them.

Now we've found a great solution in Circle, a community platform for creators. We've been setting up our community there over the past month to create a space for inspiring each other on a shared journey to live more fulfilling, meaningful, and creative lives.

We've moved all Lifeline support content to the community already. Besides that, we're launching sections for:

  • 💪 Weekly workflow experiments and DIY challenges to join or create yourself to inspire others or get support from them.
  • 🎯 Saent-run challenges, like the Find Your Focus one we're running in January. We'll launch more of these themed challenges in 2022 and aim to integrate some of them more fully into the Lifeline app experience.
  • 📚️ Inspiration & wisdom is a place to discuss articles from the Saent blog and share other interesting articles, books, podcasts, and tools you've come across.

There's still work to do, and we're not doing a big push to our entire mailing list of 8,000 people until after the Find Your Focus challenge. But we'd love to see you around already while we fill up the sections and finalize the structure.

An easy way to start and get some value out of the community is to head over to the 💪 DIY challenges section or 😇 Articles by Saent. Select "Join space" and register for the community with your email. You'll then receive an email notification from the community whenever we share a workflow experiment, challenge, or new Saent blog article.

👩‍🎨 Lifeline UX overhaul: your feedback by survey or interview

Lifeline has many excellent features by now, like the visual progress bar, session labeling, and a review panel where you can see all your stats. But too many users we talk to don't know about these features. Others aren't aware you can tweak how Lifeline behaves and get bothered by popups, automated session starts, and other well-intended but confusing options.

The truth is that we've gotten to the current version of Lifeline without much involvement of any User Experience (UX) design experts, and we're going to change that now. Our main priority going into the new year is a UX overhaul for Lifeline, and we'll start that by doing extensive user research.

Even if you haven't used Lifeline for a long time, have been using it with frustration, or both, we'd still love to talk to you so we can learn and improve. Giving us such input can take the form of a short interview or by answering some questions by email or survey. Drop me a message on support@saent.com, in community.saent.com, or message us on Twitter if you're interested in participating.

That's all for this post and 2021. I wish you and your loved ones great holidays.

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