A 10-day path to ultimate concentration

Focus is essential for getting things done and doing them well. But even a little concentration can seem unachievable in the age of smartphones, social media, and endless to-do lists.

Find Your Focus is a short, free book that fits into even the busiest schedule. Complete one chapter daily to master ultimate concentration within the next 10 days.

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Five reasons for finding your focus

  • 1. Feel calmer and more creative.

    When you give your attention to just one activity at a time without distractions, you'll have more peace of mind, which improves your creativity.

  • 2. Make progress on what's truly important.

    Steve Jobs famously said that focus is about saying no to all the merely good things you could be working on to free attention for what's critical and exceptional.

  • 3. Find flow frequently.

    Once you know how to focus, flow arrives—a state in which time dissolves and we stretch ourselves to our limits to experience optimal performance.

  • 4. Reduce stress and anxiety.

    Improving focus means getting to know yourself better and learning how to tame your mind. Your path to ultimate concentration lets you deal with some inner demons along the way.

  • 5. Shorten your workweek.

    By increasing focus, you can invest the "profits" from your improved Return on Attention into a shorter workweek instead of taking on more work.

What's in the book?

You can read Find Your Focus in less than an hour. Each chapter spans one to two pages and includes a daily action that easily aligns with your existing workflow. You also get access to a video each day in which we dig deeper into the chapter's topic.

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Day 1: Prepare - Plan for focus

Day 2: Single-task - Do one thing at a time

Day 3: Destroy - Get rid of distractions

Day 4: Time - Solve the paradox of the clock

Day 5: Energize - Ride your energy waves

Day 6: Move - Change locations often

Day 7: Recharge - Give yourself breaks

Day 8: Tame - Overcome your mind

Day 9: Eliminate - Make progress by deleting

Day 10: Train - Practice for continued improvement

Afterword: Master - Keep the habit

What people are saying

"It's really to the point and snappy, so it's really easy to add it to my morning routine of starting up."
- Wilco

"I'm impressed how concise and accessible you make the essential learning from so many sources. Thanks!"
- Thomas

"You covered a lot of good stuff… A few habits you shared that I want to reinforce are: 1) Dedicating mornings to the non-urgent important stuff…. 2) Eliminating things to do… 3) Doing two fully mindful things per day."
- Lourens

Change your life today with more focus

Improved concentration impacts your productivity and well-being.
There’s no better way to start making that change than with Find Your Focus.

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