The way we're working is broken, but we can fix it







January 16, 2017

We're still working in a manner designed for factories at the turn of the 19th century, even as digital technology has completely changed the nature of the work we do. The jobs of the future won't be industrial, they're digital, so why are we still working like it's 1899? In a guest post for Blinkist, I explore the history of the modern workday and why it no longer suits us as knowledge workers. I also lay out four simple things you can do right now to start redesigning your days for optimal productivity and work-life balance.

Since the dawn of the new millennium, our way of work and life has been greatly altered by technology, like computers, the internet, social media, and mobile devices. Yet while these innovations provide us with a completely new set of tools, we still work according to an old paradigm stemming from the Industrial Age. As a result, we’re tired, overworked, and always busy.

If you’re thinking that there has to be a better way, you’re right.

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Photo via Flickr, darkday