Saent Status Update - May 2018







May 14, 2018

Here’s (finally) a new update on the status of Saent. There’s some good news and some bad news, so let’s get the bad out of the way first. Support for Saent 1.0 We’re trying to keep the current Saent product in the air (desktop software plus button) with the limited resources we have available. This is not always going smoothly (as some of you might have noticed). With a shortage of development resources on our team it’s hard to maintain the software, which is why issues that arise take days and sometimes even weeks to resolve. We will keep doing this though, and are looking at other ways to ensure the (what we now call) Saent 1.0 software can keep running. More on this in the near future right here on this blog. The button

The other bad news is that we will still not be able to ship more buttons anytime soon. We currently don’t have the required resources to keep up inventory, handling, and shipping. We still believe in physical products, and we see a role for them in what we now call Saent 2.0. As such, we hope you will hold on to your buttons; they will become more useful again in the future. And if you don’t have a button but you want one, then send us an email on support [at] Saent [dot] com and we’ll add you on the waiting list. Saent 2.0 Now for the good news: we’re working on something new, and it’s progressing...Why something new and not just continue what we had? This is a good question and something we’ve been asking ourselves many times over the past year. We’ll cover this in more detail in a future blog post, but the short of it is that the first product and business model had too many issues that we were not able to fix with the resources we now have available. We’ve spent the past months reflecting on everything we’ve learned and evaluating all our options. We’ve come to the conclusion that moving forward with a new software proposition (Saent 2.0) is the best way to build a viable company that can fulfill our long-term mission. More on all this soon here on our blog. In the meantime, stay connected through Twitter and feel free to ask us any questions you might have right there.