The new Saent desktop app: here's a demo







July 13, 2022

We'd love to show you a demo of the new Saent desktop app*, regardless of your familiarity with our current app, Lifeline.

We've kept some elements from Lifeline that our current users love but have rethought the UX from the ground up.

The demo takes you through the app's new onboarding and a simulation of your first Timer session. You can jump right in by clicking the button below. Your journey should be self-explanatory and take between five to 10 minutes.

👉️ Start the demo

We’ll first ask a few intake questions. Then you’ll dive into the demo, and afterward, we’ll pose some last questions about your experience. You can leave your comments and feedback anonymously or add your email address at the end if you like to stay in touch.

Thanks for taking the time and I can't wait to hear about your experience.

* The new software is essentially Lifeline 2.0, but we're going to drop that name in favor of simply "Saent."

⭐️ Special thanks ⭐️