Manual of Me: Create yours today with this short introduction







June 23, 2022

A Manual of Me is a "user guide" for your coworkers on how to work together. You put one together in no time with this short introduction.

A Manual of Me is a "user guide" for your coworkers on how to work together. You can include your regular working hours, the tools you prefer, strengths and weaknesses, and when you like doing deep work versus meetings.

I was already excited about this concept through startup founder Jay Desai, who shared his approach and a template in The Indispensable Document for the Modern Manager.

Then I noticed agile coach Steven Sampson-Jones upping the stakes by sharing his visual Manual of Me on LinkedIn. Check it out. 👇️

Visual Manual of Me of Steven Sampson-Jones
Source: Steven Sampson-Jones on LinkedIn

Create your Manual of Me today

Besides these previous examples from Jay and Steven, there are more handy resources available to create your Manual of Me in no time:

  • A Manual of Me generator. Fill out some questions, and this tool generates a PDF for you with your personal map and guide.
  • An exercise and prompts. Agile coach Emily Webber lists a team exercise to create a group manual, but you can use her prompts as inspiration for your Manual of Me, too.
  • A cards format. Coach, entrepreneur, and consultant Cassie Robinson shares an example and template that's somewhat visual but not hard to fill out.

Manual of Me for Cassie Robinson
Source: Cassie Robinson on Medium

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