Hey LinkedIn, let’s kick that LinkedIn addiction together







December 29, 2021

In the new year, let's check LinkedIn just once a day, and not on weekends. Join me? Here’s how we'll kick our LinkedIn addiction.

All right, I must confess, I’ve developed a LinkedIn addiction. I check in at least five times per day, and that’s ridiculous, unnecessary, and an understatement.

In the new year, I will check LinkedIn just once a day, and not on weekends. Care to join me? Hit Like on this LinkedIn post or leave a comment below! 💪

I’ve already banned Instagram, Twitter, Slack, email, and LinkedIn apps from my phone years ago. I only check in on Facebook once every six months to post a few pics of our son for family and friends.

Still, LinkedIn has lured me in over the past months by turning into a Facebook for grown-ups who want to indulge in professional liking, sharing, and humble-bragging.

Here’s how we'll kick our LinkedIn addiction

  1. Pick a fixed time once a day to check LinkedIn. Reinforce it with a daily reminder or short event on your calendar.
  2. Remove the LinkedIn app from your phone, or, if that sounds outrageous, turn off its notifications and red dots.
  3. If your job requires it, respond to messages by using LinkedIn's email notifications. Those take you straight to your LinkedIn mailbox and bypass the feed (though this is a slippery slope...).
  4. Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work out. Note how often you end up checking LinkedIn and why then see if you can slowly bring the number down.
  5. Start with January, but have the ambition to turn this new LinkedIn rhythm into a permanent habit.

Hit Like on this LinkedIn post or leave a comment below if you take on this challenge with me. Either way, see you in 2022, but only once a day on LinkedIn! 😇

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