Go beyond Pomodoro with Lifeline Pro







April 18, 2021

Today we've launched Lifeline Pro, our macOS app that lets you go beyond Pomodoro with visual session progress, session labels, and our Calendar integration.

The app is available as a free download on the macOS App Store but includes features you can unlock by subscribing to the Pro version.


These are the features and updates in this latest version of Lifeline (1.4):

  • New app icon! 🥳
  • Custom sound effects
  • Meetings are now orange, sessions blue. 🙀
  • Custom Lifeline colors (e.g., sessions, meetings)
  • Display remaining session time in the Apple menu bar
  • 🏅 PRO: Custom session lengths
  • 🏅 PRO: Session labels, including improved emoji picker (looks similar but works 100% smooth, which was not the case with the old one)
  • 🏅 PRO: Daily review panel
  • 🏅 PRO: Meeting tracking
  • 🏅 PRO: Calendar integration.


We offer these subscription options for Lifeline Pro.

We've been developing Lifeline in our spare time for years, but we're still only at 10% of its potential. With subscriptions, we can involve more people and spend more time on Lifeline's development. This will allow us to work on a mobile app, better reports and analytics, integrations with other apps, and many other features.

Subscribing is simple: download or update Lifeline from the macOS App Store, then launch the app and choose Upgrade from the tray icon dropdown menu. This will take you to the subscription window, where you can choose from the monthly, annual, or lifetime options.

More details on Lifeline subscriptions are here in Help & Support. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions or feedback. We hope you join us on this journey to go beyond Pomodoro with Lifeline. 🚀