Lifeline now available on the macOS App Store







October 3, 2020

After weeks of tweaking to meet Apple's submission requirements, Lifeline is now live in the macOS App Store. With this step, you can trust that our application meets Apple's strict privacy requirements and technical standards.

💡 If you're new to Saent or Lifeline, we recommend you first read What Lifeline can do for you (and what it looks like!).

Updates and improvements in this version

When you install the latest version from the App Store, you'll get access to these new features and improvements:

  • 📅 Automatic meeting detection: Lifeline can detect the starting and stopping of (virtual) meetings, and will automatically remind you to launch or end your meeting. You can turn this on and off in Preferences > Automation.
  • ⏰ Customize the idle time grace period: you can manually adjust the duration of the grace period before Lifeline considers you idle. The previous, fixed default was two minutes. You can change this under Preferences > Automation.
  • 🏷️ Press Enter to close session label window: you can now close the session label input window by pressing Enter, instead of having to click the Close button with your mouse pointer. A small but helpful improvement that further streamlines your workflow rhythm.

Important changes for existing Lifeline users

Accessibility access in System Preferences not required anymore

We've found a new way to determine whether you're active at the screen without requiring Accessibility permissions. A true win-win: fewer concerns about privacy for everyone and less hassle for new users during the Product tour.

⚠️ Future updates arrive exclusively through the App Store

We will no longer release updates through the previous updating system, so you have to do a manual update to the macOS App Store version once. Please follow the below instructions carefully if you want to keep your existing Lifeline data.

  1. Export your current data. Go to Lifeline Preferences in the taskbar menu and choose Activity > Export activity history and save your file somewhere on your local computer.
  2. Exit Lifeline. Choose Quit from the taskbar menu.
  3. Uninstall Lifeline. Open Finder, then choose Applications in the left panel and drag Saent Lifeline to your Trash.
  4. Install Lifeline from the macOS App Store. Click here to go to the Lifeline page in the App Store and click GET.
  5. Start Lifeline. Either go to Finder > Applications and select Lifeline, or find Lifeline in Launchpad.
  6. Import your data. Go to Lifeline Preferences in the taskbar menu and choose Activity > Import activity history. Your data should now be restored.

We hope you will enjoy this new update of Lifeline. If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to get in touch by email or Twitter.