A productivity checklist to manage your daily work (includes template)







March 30, 2017

Since finishing "The Checklist Manifesto," I've been experimenting with a productivity checklist to manage my daily routine. External factors like a boss or office don't define my days as I work remotely; a daily checklist helps me create structure and realistic plans.

When to use a productivity checklist

By using a productivity checklist to plan your day, you don't forget about routine but essential activities. The list gives guidance and direction instead of mindlessly pursuing the task, email, or message that screams loudest for your attention.

Checklists keep your head in check

I've found lists especially valuable when faced with pressure.

On tough days, the natural response is to "save time" by skipping non-urgent activities like meditation, exercise, and prioritizing your work. But sticking to such habits is especially important on crazy days. These activities create the clarity, calmness, and energy you need to deal with difficulty. Following a checklist nudges you to invest time in them, even when the going gets tough.

When under pressure, sticking to my productivity checklist is now my main priority. Following the items on the list gives me a clear head, or at least a path to follow when my head won't clear.

A free productivity checklist template

Here's the productivity checklist template I've developed. The video below explains in detail how to use it.

Feel free to adjust it as you see fit since my routine is unlikely to work for you. Instead, use this as a reference to create your own daily checklist.