Make someone's day: Let your words fuel a creator’s productivity







March 23, 2023

What if you could turbocharge someone else's productivity with a small act of kindness? Would you do it?

I often write about boosting your productivity.

What if you could turbocharge someone else's productivity in less than five minutes?

Would you do it?

Because you can.

Let’s do it together right now:

  1. Think of a product, service, or content you enjoy, preferably from a small team or individual.
  1. Find their contact details on their website.
  1. Write a short message to express how much you enjoy what they make and how it makes your life better. Two paragraphs are enough; more is appreciated.
  1. Offer to let them use your message as a public testimonial (bonus).
  1. Hit Send.

Congratulations. 🥳

You've just made a creator's day and given them the motivation to keep pouring their love and creativity into their work.

The power of positive feedback

Two things happened on the same day that inspired this article.

First, Gareth Davies, Content Lead at Parabol, shared this post and image on LinkedIn:

When someone gives Parabol a G2 review, I can confirm it means so much! It gets routed through a public channel so we can all see it. It helps us build credibility externally and it boosts morale internally.If there’s a tool out there you love, and it’s built by a small team, a 5 minute review can go a really long way! And it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Image by Tomas Gorny.

Then, I found the lovely message below in our Saent inbox.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve questioned my sanity for still working on Saent and Lifeline after all these years—messages like these keep me going. So, if there’s a product you ❤️, follow the five steps above and let that team know; your support means more than you realize.

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