Build a Better Daily Work Rhythm With Saent Lifeline







May 4, 2019

Over the past years, we’ve quietly worked on Lifeline, a new Saent application for macOS. The app is now available on the macOS App Store.

Lifeline helps you develop an optimal daily working rhythm based on the Pomodoro Technique®. The app helps you focus and ensures you take sufficient breaks, so you can experience productive, healthy, and fulfilling days.

🍅Click here to download Lifeline from the macOS App Store 🍅

What Lifeline can do for you:

🍅 Timed sessions: the entire app is built around 25-minute cycles that help you focus and get things done (based on The Pomodoro Technique).

🌴 Recommended break time: Lifeline automatically recommends your ideal break time after a session to maintain optimal productivity.

📅 Calendar integration: plan your tasks and sessions in your calendar, then export your actual Lifeline data back to your calendar afterward for review and comparison.

📊Score and rewards: points and rewards boost motivation and help you measure your performance.

🖥 Daily rhythm visualization: your Lifeline at the top of your screen gives instant insights into your daily rhythm.

Here's what's still on the roadmap for the coming months:

  • Support for multiple computers
  • Leaderboard
  • Distraction blocking (through third-party solutions)

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🍅Click here to download Lifeline from the macOS App Store 🍅

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