AI Transformation: A Soothing Framework for Adapting to the Future (We Eat Robots)







May 4, 2023

Introducing a practical approach for keeping up with the rapid changes driven by AI.

I’ve put together a practical framework to help you keep up with the rapid changes AI is bringing about.

I wrote this article for fellow creatives who follow my other publication, We Eat Robots, but the situation and approach I lay out apply to any knowledge worker or organization. From the article:

When you start the flywheel of AI transformation, you create a process that delivers compounding results: The more AI enhances your performance, creativity, and well-being, the more time, energy, or money you have to accelerate further. Naturally, the inverse is true: Any person or organization not on that flywheel falls further and further behind…

With AI’s growing capabilities and the explosion of apps, there are tools that can impact your work immediately and dramatically—in the 50%+ range.
You can find an AI tool today that will save you hours right away, and days in the long run.

This piece explores the intersections of AI, creativity, and productivity. I hope you find it insightful and helpful.

👉️ Read AI Transformation: A Soothing Framework for Adapting to the Future on Substack.

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