Build a Better Daily Work Rhythm With Saent Lifeline – Try It Out Now

Over the past year, we’ve quietly worked on Lifeline, a new Saent application for macOS, which is now ready for testing.

Lifeline is based on the Pomodoro Technique. It helps you focus and ensures you take sufficient breaks, so you build a productive, healthy, and fulfilling daily rhythm for work and life.

Click here to download Saent Lifeline for free

What you will find in Lifeline:

  • Timer function for timed focus sessions (simply right-click the taskbar icon to start one)
  • Ideal break time calculator to ensure you rest sufficiently
  • Daily score based on rewards for productive and healthy habits
  • Real-time visualization of your work rhythm
  • Connect your calendars to track meetings and schedule your sessions in advance

For users of the previous Saent desktop app, it’s important to highlight what you will not find in Lifeline (yet):

  • Distraction blocker
  • Leaderboard
  • Support for the Saent button

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Any and all feedback is much appreciated. Please do reach out on Twitter or by email with your thoughts.

Click here to download Saent Lifeline for free

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