This is Saent.

A magic button
that blocks distractions.

Imagine a day without distractions.

Christina has a big project due today, but her co-workers won’t stop talking about their latest Netflix binge.

She pushes her Saent button to launch a focus session that instantly blocks distractions and signals to colleagues that she’s working.

Push the button and get to work.

Mark needs to concentrate on a particularly challenging coding problem, but he’s losing the willpower battle to stop checking the status of his fantasy football team.

He fires up a Saent session and gets to work. Saent makes sure he focuses on writing code and not checking ESPN.

Block the apps and sites that distract you.

Sarah has tried a million productivity tools, but she has trouble sticking to them.

She likes that Saent rewards her with points for focusing and completing personalized Challenges, and she enjoys competition with her co-workers.

Reward yourself for completing Challenges.

Tony struggles with overwork. He often finds himself burning the midnight oil, working for hours on end without stopping.

Saent reminds him when to take breaks and let his mind recharge, encouraging him to step away from the computer and helping him be healthier.

Take a break when you need it.

Are you ready for complete focus?

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Here’s what people are saying

"Having written a book on what makes technology habit-forming, I believe technology is becoming harder to resist. Saent is a step forward -- helping us regain control so we can be more productive."

— Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

"Saent is one of the most promising productivity devices I’ve seen come along in a long time."

— Mike Vardy, founder of Productivityist

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