Supercharge your team's productivity.

Saent for Teams makes your team happier and more productive
by increasing focus and restoring balance through our software, patent-pending devices, and content.

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"More of our population are knowledge workers, and deep work is becoming a key currency—even if most haven’t yet recognized this reality."

— Cal Newport in Deep Work

"It’s essential to step away on a regular basis, to recharge and gain perspective. In an always-connected world, the need for these gaps is more urgent than ever."

— William Powers in Hamlet’s Blackberry


Saent helps teams increase productivity while reducing stress.


Productivity 2.0

A revolutionary approach to productivity based on focus and balance, backed up by the latest findings in science.

Metrics for humans

Saent products collect data that’s relevant for knowledge workers, not factory bosses.


Engage in healthy competition with your team members and benchmark with other teams to see how you’re stacking up in the Future of Work.


Our physical devices ensure lasting behavior change, reduce interruptions, and collect unique data.

Continuous learning

Get insights and tips based on your data through content, coaching, and online learning modules.

Saent product suite


Saent offers unique data and insights around focus and balance, the two key metrics that matter in a knowledge economy.


Saent's desktop app helps you focus by blocking distractions and encouraging smarter and healthier work habits.


The smart button offers at-a-glance progress reporting on your focus sessions
and acts as a Do Not Disturb sign for colleagues.


Based on analysis of your work habits, Saent offers personal recommendations for self-improvement through content, learning modules, and courses.

Box & app

The Saent Box and mobile app end the problem of smartphone distraction.
Your phone is out of sight and out of mind, while staying available for emergencies.


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